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The system we use is one that a former member of our troupe programmed himself. It works in two main parts: web forms on your troupe's website and files on a Google Drive account. On Google Drive, the main logic of the system runs off a special file called a Google Apps Script file. That handles displaying records as well as adding any new points. The records are stored in a Google Sheets file that it generates once you add your first points. From here, you can edit the records just like any other spreadsheet. The best part of this is that both Google Apps Script and Google Sheets are 100% free!

On your troupe's website, you'll need to embed two HTML forms, one for viewing records, and one for requesting points to be added to a record. The former will immediately open a webpage displaying the record, while the latter creates an email with a special link for you as the troupe director to add points. You can put these forms anywhere you can put HTML code. It's a copy and paste type of setup, so it isn't necessary to be fluent in computer programming.

We've detailed how to get it working for your troupe inside the Google Apps Script file. Just open the "README" section of it. Feel free to play around with it once you have it set up. All you have to do to reset it is to delete the Google Sheets file it generates.

ITS Point Tracker for Other Troupes

To Get Your Own Copy of the Point Tracker:

Click on the button below to visit the Get ITS Point Tracker page. You will have to authorize the page to access your Google Drive for the sole purpose of copying the Point Tracker.

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